Four Seasons has the experience and know-how to provide solutions when faced with any chiller problem, so when the Carrier screw chiller serving the large Target store located within the Westfield Shopping Centre at Chermside failed, our client needed a cost-effective solution and fast scenario.

One of the three screw compressors serving the chiller had failed due to electrical fusion. Since these compressors cannot be repaired, and with the delivery of a new screw compressor over 12 weeks away, Four Seasons needed to find a solution to quickly get the chiller back online.

Our engineers worked through a design to incorporate the Turbocor compressor technology into the refrigeration system, i.e. replace the Carrier screw compressor with a new Turbocor compressor. As this was the first time this type of retrofit had been attempted on this type of chiller, our engineers carefully thought through the problem and came up with a satisfactory solution to suit not only the refrigeration aspect but the control of the compressor staging, which is vital to ensure the chiller performs correctly in all conditions.

After effectively installing and commissioning the new Turbocor compressor, routine observation and testing of the new equipment proved the solution had been a total success, and, the chiller has not missed a beat. The client was thrilled with the outcome.

The additional bonus for the client is that the chiller now performs more efficiently using less energy due to the efficiency of the Turbocor compressor technology.


The centrifugal chiller serving the air conditioning plant at the Sofitel Hotel required replacement as the machine had reached the end of its normal serviceable life, and the client needed an energy-efficient solution.

Our Sydney based business partner, Inter-Chillers, had been successful with their bid to carry out the work and engaged Four Seasons to perform the difficult task of removing the disused chiller and then installing the new Powerpax chiller machine.

The main plant room, being condensed and located on the 28th floor of the hotel, posed a new challenge to remove the redundant chiller and install the new chiller, as the surrounding building precluded the use of a crane to lift the machine into position.

First, the old chiller was dismantled, cut up then removed from the site.

The new Powerpax chiller was delivered to the Four Seasons workshop in knocked-down form and then transported to the site. The new split vessel design of the Powerpax chiller made installation possible as all components needed to be manually handled in the plant room; this difficult task was co-handled via a local Brisbane company Hector the Erector.

Since installation, the new chiller has run without incident, with the client thrilled with the installation’s success and the machine’s energy efficiency.